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vietnam: petite fille 3 ans H5N1
« le: 23 février 2010 à 18:00:16 »
    A three-year-old girl in the central province of Khanh Hoa has tested positive for H5N1, becoming the country’s first bird flu patient this year, the Ministry of Health reported in Hanoi on Monday.

fille de 3 ans, province centrale de Khanh hoa.. positive
tombée malade le 27 janvier ( nez, gorge, fiévre ) admise à l'hopital le 28
tests >O le 12/02/10
a recupéré
pas d'animaux malades dans son entourage
mais un mois avant des autruches sont mortes dans une ferme eloignée d'un km , raison inconnue

    The girl, who lives in Ninh Hoa District’s Ninh Than Commune, fell sick with fever, sore throat, cough and a runny nose on January 27. She was admitted to Ninh Hoa Hospital the next day and was confirmed to be infected with the virus on February 12, according to the ministry.

    The girl was recovering, it said.

    An inspection conducted in Ninh Than showed no sign of the avian flu in the commune, and the poultry raised by the girl’s family showed no signs of sickness.

    However, the ministry’s inspectors found that about a month earlier, ostriches had died of unclear reason sat a farm a kilometer away from the patient’s home.

    According to the ministry, 112 people had been infected by H5N1 since 2003, and 57 have died.