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The Related agency did not yet act, the Chicken died Suddenly in Minas on Thursday, November 30 2006 MINAS - totalling 35 chickens belonging to the citizen of the District Minas the Subdistrict Minas the Siak Regency, on Tuesday night (28/11) was destroyed in a mass fashion.
This step to anticipate the bird flu attack, because of having the poultry belonging to the citizen who died suddenly, similar to the attack of the bird flu virus (avian influenza).
The community with the awareness personally at once carried out the extermination by means of burnt and afterwards buried these chickens.
The chairman RT 01/RW 11 Minas Jaya districts, Doni the Moon to the reporter said, the death of the chicken that died suddenly, resembled the sign of the bird flu attack.
"Information that was presented in the print media and electronics, to anticipate him was by burning this chicken and afterwards burying him," said Doni.
Beforehand, said he had the citizen who reported the chicken died suddenly to the Community Health Centre.
But the report was not responded to on the basis of that had the authority to be Official Livestock Breeding.
"Afterwards the Community Health Centre side suggested in order to be burnt then."