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Casualties Suspect Bird Flu improved
The writer: Yudha Topan
Padang -- MIOL: the Strong Condition, casualties suspect bird flu that was treated in the regional Public Hospital (RSUD) M. Djamil, Padang, West Sumatra (West Sumatra), began to improve.
The temperature of the body 10 months from Nagari (the village) the Dareh River, the Island Subdistrict of the Pergola, the Dharmasraya Regency, that has been normal.
However he continued to use the infusion and still made use of the hose to eat.
According to the Head of the Medical Service Field RSUD M. Djamil Padang Irayanti, setalah was done twice the blood test in RS Sulianti Saroso, Jakarta, results of bird flu of the negative.
"We were still dripping blood one time more to ascertain his status."