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Titre: des chek point pour controler a l'entreé des villes
Posté par: alain le 09 novembre 2006 à 07:43:52

Anticipation of Bird Flu, the Poultry Entrance was minded on Thursday, November 09 2006 Overcome spread him the bird flu virus from the area that was stated positive terjangkit, the Pelalawan Regional Government through the Livestock Breeding Service (Disnak) did the supervision of the door to the entry of the poultry.
Several entrances were meant, namely the Pekanbaru border Street the Banyan Tree, the border Siak the Offence Village, the Kuansing border and the Kampar Estuary entrance.
"Pelalawan was to the regency passage and the city that it was worried about were positive terjangkit the bird flu virus."