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Again, Hundreds Of chickens died Suddenly on Tuesday, November 07 2006 Pekanbaru - After hundreds of chickens in several kacamatan in Pekanbaru was found died suddenly some time before, the similar case again happened.
Hundreds of property chickens former Kapolda Riau Drs H Mukhlis Mukhtar SH in RT 03/RW 02 districts Tangkerang Labuai the Great Hill Subdistrict was found died suddenly.
Death information of hundreds of chickens was known by the agricultural Service and Pekanbaru City livestock breeding after getting the report from the Village Head Tangkerang Labuai Khairani, on last Monday (7/11).
The village head Tangkerang Khairani, during it was confirmed in the location of the incident said, in fact the case of the death of hundreds of property chickens former this Kapolda happened several weeks later, but because of the shortage of the guard's knowledge of the pen, the case just in reported to the district went through RT 02, on Monday (7/11).
Explained by Khairani, was based on the guard's information of the pen, the death hundreds of chickens not at the same time.
However gradually and happened in two weeks later to the death rate in general five tails in one day, with the characteristics ngantuk-ngantuk then a few moments later immediately was rolled over died.
"From 122 chickens that were maintained in this pen, until this only two tails that still was living, and that too his condition already memprihatinkan,"ujar Khairani."