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Titre: kerinci subdistrict/poulet mort subitement
Posté par: alain le 06 novembre 2006 à 07:19:43

The citizen of the Base Kerinci was startled by the Chicken died Suddenly on Monday, November 06 2006 the Citizen of the Kerinci Base was startled with the discovery of several chickens that died suddenly with the characteristics of cramps and after dying the body hardened.
As a result, the citizen began to be worried if the cause of his death resulting from the bird flu virus.
One of the citizens of the Kerinci Base, Sudirman that lived in Street Belakang Pasar Baru, RT 03, on Sunday (5/11) was someone that his chicken was found died suddenly.
The death of this chicken happened suddenly then.
"We felt surprised why the chicken how come died suddenly, in fact beforehand the chicken in the very healthy situation then."