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Titre: COREE du NORD prepare un hopital au cas ou
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Pyongyang Picks Hospital for Bird Flu

SEOUL (Yonhap) _ North Korea has designated a hospital for treatment of possible bird flu patients as it is stepping up efforts to prevent an outbreak of the potentially deadly disease, a World Health Organization official said Saturday.

The North authorities have picked a hospital in Pyongyang for possible outbreak of the bird flu, said Eigil Sorensen, the WHO's representative in the North, in an interview with Radio Free Asia. Radio Free Asia is funded by the United States for its Korean-language broadcasting.

Without specifying the name of the hospital, he said he had inspected the hospital himself, which the WHO and the North authorities are expanding.

As far as he knows, there has been no outbreak of the bird flu yet in the country, the official said.

He also said the Australian government had pledged $195,000 to the North for the prevention of avian influenza, while Sweden also promised aid.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang has taken measures to quarantine people with high fevers in an effort to stem the outbreak of bird flu.

The North has yet to report a confirmed case of bird flu since the latest outbreak earlier this year reportedly came under control.

Analysts here believe a small-scale bird flu outbreak in the North may seriously threaten the poverty-stricken country, where poultry is an important source of meat for its 23 million people.

il n'y a pas de cas humains, il y a eu epidemie chez oiseaux ( d'autre part nous sommes proches du liaoning ou il y eu un cas humain)
mais donc, l'on prepare un hopital en cas de ...on prend des mesures pour mettre d'eventuels patient en quarantaine
les australiens ont donné de l'argent, les suedois en ont promis

les analystes pensent qu'une petite epidemie serait grave, dasn cette region pauvre ou le poulet est une source importante de nourriture