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Titre: 35000 poulets supprimés a norfolk
Posté par: alain le 27 avril 2006 à 08:04:31

 Last Updated: Thursday April 27 2006 06:46 GMT
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Bird flu cull of Norfolk chickens  
Around 35,000 chickens are being culled in Norfolk after a type of bird flu was found in dead creatures at a farm.
It's thought the dead chickens died from the H7 strain of the virus - which can spread quickly among birds but is less risky to humans than H5NI.

H5NI is the virus which has led to the deaths of about 100 people in Asia.

More tests were being carried out on the birds, from a farm near Dereham. Vets said the cull was a "precaution".

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The tests will help vets work out whether the strain is a big threat to other birds.

If it is, birds from neighbouring farms may also be culled.

Last month, a swan in Cellardyke, Fife, tested positive for the H5NI strain - the only confirmed case of this in the UK so far.
 Dernier Mis à jour : E-mail de GMT de jeudi avril 27 2006 06:46 ceci à une version imprimable d'ami Grippe d'oiseau inférieure des poulets de la Norfolk Autour 35.000 poulets sont cueillis en Norfolk après qu'un type de grippe d'oiseau ait été trouvé dans les créatures mortes à une ferme.
 On le pense les poulets morts morts de la contrainte H7 du virus - qui peut écarter rapidement parmi des oiseaux mais est moins risqué aux humains que H5NI.
 H5NI est le virus qui a mené aux décès d'environ 100 personnes en Asie. Plus d'essais étaient effectués sur les oiseaux, d'une ferme près de Dereham.
Les vétérinaires ont dit que l'inférieur était une "précaution". Le clic ici pour lire vos questions de grippe d'oiseau a répondu aux essais veulent aident des vétérinaires à établir si la contrainte est une grande menace à d'autres oiseaux.
 S'il est, des oiseaux des fermes voisines peuvent également être cueillis. Le mois dernier, un cygne dans Cellardyke, fifre, a examiné le positif pour la contrainte de H5NI - le seul cas confirmé de ceci au R-U jusqu'ici
Titre: complement sur norfolk
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Chickens test for bird flu strain  
The birds will be killed as a 'precautionary' measure
Some 35,000 chickens at a farm near Dereham, in Norfolk, are to be slaughtered after dead birds tested positive for a strain of bird flu.
Early tests showed it was likely to be the H7 strain, virulent among chickens but less of a risk to humans than the H5N1 variant, which can be fatal.

The government's chief vet said she did not know where the flu had come from.

Last month a swan in Cellardyke, Fife, tested positive for H5N1 - the only confirmed case in the UK so far.

An outbreak of H7N7 in the Netherlands led the Dutch government to order the slaughter of more than 30 million birds in 2003.

The cases in Norfolk were found in samples taken from chickens on the farm, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said.

'Highly precautionary'

Chief vet Debby Reynolds told the BBC she expected further test results to reveal more about the bird flu strain over the next 24 hours.

"Those results will allow us to decide whether it's the highly pathogenic dangerous form to birds, which kills a lot of birds, or the low pathogenic which is a much less serious infection."