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Sixth swan dies of bird flu in Czech Republic
Prague- A sixth dead swan which was diagnosed with bird flu has been found near Ceske Budejovice, not far from the places where the other swans were found, so the protective band will not markedly change, Josef Duben, spokesman for the State Veterinary Administration, said.
Just as in the previous cases a sample will be sent to the EU Reference Laboratory in Weybridge, Britain.

un sixieme cygnea été diagnostique porteur de la GA ;pres de ceske budejovice pas tres loin d'ou ont ete trouvés les autres cygnes

The most infectious virus H5 has been proved in the swan.

The tests of the first dead swan, found in Hluboka nad Vltavou, south Bohemia, confirmed the pathogenic virus H5N1 that is also dangerous to man.
le test du premier cygne a été confirmé H5N1

In the second case, that occurred about four kilometres away from the first, the Czech National Reference Laboratory proved the presence of the most infectious H5 virus.

It was also confirmed in the third swan that was again found in Hluboka.

The results of the Weybridge tests for the H5N1 stem have not yet been available.

The virus type in the fourth swan is not yet known either.

Virus H5 was also proved in the fifth dead swan that was found in Bavorovice near Ceske Budejovice on Saturday.
Author: ČTK.

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