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Titre: des canards contaminés à KAMPOT /angkor
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New bird flu outbreak discovered in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH - Bird flu has been found in ducks on two family farms in southwestern Cambodia, a little more than a week after a toddler died from the H5N1 virus in the country, officials said Thursday.

la GA a ete trouvee dans des canards dans 2 fermes familliales au sud ouest du cambodge,une semaine apres qu'un jeune enfant soit morf du H5N1
Though no new human infections have been found, the latest outbreak marks the fourth time in two months the virus has struck in Cambodia after a year without any reported cases.

"We have a new outbreak of bird flu," said Kao Phal, director for the agriculture ministry's Department of Animal Health.

Samples taken from three ducks in Kampot province's Angkor Chey district tested positive for the H5N1 strain of the virus, which has killed five people in Cambodia and resulted in the slaughter of thousands of birds since 2003.

des prelevements de 3 canards de Kampot ont été testés positifs a la souche H5N1 qui a tué 5 personnes etfut la cause de l'elimination de milliers  d'oiseaux depuis 3ans

A number of ducks have died on the two farms, and nearly 200 were slaughtered after the virus was detected, Kao Phal.

un nombre de canards sont morts dans les 2 fermes et pres de 200 ont ete tues apres que le virus ai ete decouvert

The discovery follows the death of a three-year-old girl from bird flu on March 21. Prime Minister Hun Sen has called for the government to step up its public awareness campaigns, as bird flu remains a mystery to many rural Cambodians.

People from the dead toddler's village told AFP just after her death that they had been eating chickens that fell ill and died.

Most poultry in Cambodia is raised on small farms or in backyards, making it difficult to prevent the spread of the virus.

The virus has been found in ducks in the eastern province of Kompong Cham twice since February, triggering the slaughter of hundreds of birds.

Thousands of birds smuggled in from Vietnam, next to Kampot province, have also been destroyed in recent months.

World Health Organization figures show that bird flu has killed more than 100 people worldwide since 2003, mostly in Asia. AFP