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Titre: TOKYO - Elevage contaminé planqué...
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6h00 - Tokyo L'ex propriétaire d'un poulailler de la province d'Ibaraki est arrêté pour avoir tenté de cacher aux autorités que son élevage était infecté durant l'été 2005.
Titre: après les vetos le proprio
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Après les vetos le proprio

c'est la suite du feuilleton .Un article sur les Vétos est présent sur le forum depuis quelques temps , c'est un article du JAPAN TIMES qui nous informe que les vétos ont été condamnés par les autorités.

le lien vers l'article:Veterinarians held over Ibaraki bird flu coverup  (


et je vous invite à relire  ce post de ZOUZOU de NOVEMBRE 2005 le vaccin substandard venait d'amérique du sud selon les autorités

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said it was highly unlikely that a migratory bird or imported pet brought the H5N2-type virus to the prefecture in the summer, according to a draft interim report on the issue.
The report noted that the DNA sequence of the H5N2-type virus was "almost identical to that confirmed in Guatemala and other countries in Central America."
Titre: TOKYO - Elevage contaminé planqué...
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merci Drakkar, tu fais un boulot formidable !
ce n'est pas rassurant du tout

je repose ma question , enterrée ,
c'est quoi ces labos d'amérique centrale ?
Quelqu'un a une hypothèse
Titre: arrestation du proprio
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l'article du JAPAN TIMES March 19, 2006

Chicken farm operator held over obstruction

MITO, Ibaraki Pref. (Kyodo) Police said Saturday they arrested the former owner of a chicken farm operation in Ibaraki Prefecture on suspicion he colluded with other veterinarians at the company to obstruct inspections for avian flu.

Taiyo Saito  

The police allege that veterinarian Taiyo Saito, 66, former chairman of IKN Egg Farms Co., replaced chickens last August that were scheduled to be inspected with birds from other farms.

IKN Egg Farms's head office in Yokohama was among the 25 locations police raided in December after chickens in at least one of its farms in Ibaraki tested positive for bird flu during a re-inspection in November.

Chickens had tested negative in previous inspections, but it was later discovered the tests were carried out on chickens handpicked by farm workers and in the absence of prefectural animal disease control officials.

The police said Saito has admitted to the allegations, which constitute violations of the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law.

The police also quoted Saito as saying that the timing of the obstruction was a little earlier than police suspected.

In late February, the police arrested three veterinarians and an IKN employee for allegedly obstructing inspections and failing to report a suspected bird flu case.

The three veterinarians were Ikuo Eguchi, 58, Yoshio Maeda, 53, and Takanori Nakamura, 36. The employee was Tomohiro Nakane, 32.

Saito's involvement has become the focal point of the investigation.

In an interview with Kyodo News before his arrest Saturday, Saito hinted he was involved in the case.

"I can't deny my involvement in the case because I am responsible for the farm's technical matters," Saito said.

But he stayed mum on whether he played a leading roll in obstructing the bird flu inspections.

Avian flu infections involving the milder H5N2 strain have been found at dozens of poultry farms in the prefecture since last June, and several million birds have been culled as a result.

The Japan Times: March 19, 2006
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