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Four new cases of H5N1 found in Greece
Web posted at: 3/12/2006 2:2:14
Source ::: Agencies
ATHENS: Four new cases of the potentially deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu have been found in dead swans in northern Greece, the agriculture ministry said yesterday.

4 nouveaux cas potentiel de H5N1trouvé chez des cygnes morts dans le nord de la grece

The wild birds were confirmed to have had the virus by an EU testing laboratory in Weybridge, England, the ministry said. The latest cases bring to 30 the number of incidents of H5N1 found in Greece since February 11.
la confirmation du virus vient du labo de Weybridge en angleterre

Precautionary measures were in place around the sites of the outbreaks to prevent the spread of the virus, which can be deadly to humans.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, bird flu has spread to a farm in Ogun, near Lagos, officials said, in a blow for authorities who previously thought that part of the country was free of the disease. The laboratory that is testing samples from the farm said it looked “very likely” the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu was present there, although the tests were not finished.

Officials were culling birds and decontaminating the farm, said Junaidu Maina, acting director of the livestock department at the federal Agriculture Ministry. “It’s just in one farm in Ogun. They had about 130,000 birds before the disease. Culling is going on now. About 85,000 birds have already been culled,” Maina said.