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Titre: NIGERIA tests H5N1 sur 4 PERSONNES
Posté par: niceam le 22 février 2006 à 18:47:16
GENEVA, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Four Nigerians, including a woman who died last week, will be tested for bird flu after developing respiratory problems, a World Health Organisation (WHO) spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

4 Nigerians, incluant une femme qui est morte la semaine dernière, seront testés pour GA après avoir développé des problèmes respiratoires, a annoncé WHO (OMS)
Titre: NIGERIA tests H5N1 sur 4 PERSONNES
Posté par: anne le 22 février 2006 à 19:15:03
WHO update
 To date, four patients with respiratory symptoms and a history of exposure to diseased poultry have been investigated for possible infection. This number includes a woman who died of an acute respiratory illness on 16 February. The three remaining patients are all in good condition.

Arrangements are being made to send samples from all four patients for testing at a WHO collaborating laboratory in the United Kingdom.

The initial outbreak in Kaduna state is now known to have begun on 10 January, raising the possibility that earlier human exposures and cases may have occurred in that area and elsewhere. At hospitals in Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina near affected farms, staff from the WHO-led teams have now examined hundreds of patient records, searching for possible cases that may have occurred earlier. No such cases have been identified to date.
les 3 autres patients vont bien
on s'arrange pour que les prvts aillent au labos de reference en angleterre

l'outbreak initiale a debuté le 10 JANVIER , augmentant la possibilité de'expostiion humaine et des cas ont pu avoir eu lieu dasn cette zone.
le staff WHO est  en train d'examiner dans 3 hopitaux pres des zones, des centaines de dossiers de patients, pour chercher des cas qui pourraeint avoir eu liue plus tot
pas de earlier cas identifié a ce jours